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It is not without good reason that many a client who intends to book a tour directly with a travel agent in a foreign country (particularly in a country such as Myanmar!) does have doubts concerning the partner’s reliability: "What if there is no one at the airport to pick me up? Or if anything unpleasant happens?“. There is often good reason for such concerns.

However, do not worry! With us you are in good hands, safe and secure! Our tours, starting and ending in Yangon, are a safe bet - I, Axel Bruns, can guarantee for this with my name and 25 years of travel experience. Of course, there are problems in a country such as Myanmar: Buses break down, the air-conditioning in a hotel might not be working and flights are delayed or cancelled alltogether. All this may happen regularly, but that is exactly the point where the wheat is separated from the chaff. It is true, nearly any travel agent in this country can organize a trip that goes smoothly...

However, you can rely on us even in the case of serious trouble! We are certainly not one of the major players in Myanmar’s travel business - nevertheless, you will find our representatives at all major travel destinations and they will be ready to help you any time a problem arises. Please give us the chance to demonstrate our efficiency in this field to you. We look forward to seeing you in Myanmar! Until then, I remain

Yours truly


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