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Situated on the banks of the Hlaing or Yangon River, it was the capi-tal of the country from 1852 to 2005 – when the generals established a new capital named Naypyidaw (i. e. Residence of Kings), situated roughly halfway between Yangon and Mandalay. But Yangon is still the business capital and the country’s gateway to the world, even though nowadays Mandalay and Naypyidaw can be reached directly from Thailand and other neighbouring countries. All outside influences firstly make themselves felt in Yangon. Here you will find the widest selection of hotels, the best restaurants and the best entertainment facilities - even a rather Burmese way of nightlife...

Yangon’s major attraction doubtlessly is its world- famous golden Shwedagon Pagoda, the biggest of quite a number of pagodas in the capital. However, compared to Shwedagon the others all pale into insignificance.


Next to its pagodas Yangon offers a number of bustling markets, a noteworthy National Museum and a remarkably well preserved colonial downtown - in neighbouring countries these fell prey to the pick axe long ago. During the colonial area (1852 - 1947) Yangon was one of the most important ports in the British Empire and a cosmopolitan city as well. Even today people of Indian and Chinese origins constitute a very substantial part of Yangon’s population. The downtown has quite a number of Chinese joss houses, Hindu temples, Sunni and Shi’a mosques...yes, even a Jain temple and a synagogue can be found there.

Starting from Yangon, travelers can go on one- or two-day trips: The old Mon capital Bago is only 80 km from Yangon and well-connected to the capital by road and rail.

The famous Golden Rock is about five hours drive from the capital; however, for an excursion to this famous landmark two days should be calculated. One can also continue east, via the famous old city of Thaton to Mawlamyine at the mouth of the Thanlwin River or to the bizarre limestone-rocks of Kayin State around Hpa-An.

The beaches of Ngewsaung and Chaungtha can be reached in half-day trips from Yangon via the fascinating Ayeyarwaddy Delta...

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