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Every visitor to Myanmar needs a valid passport expiring within not less than 6 (six) months after the visa has been approved. Validity of the visa is limited to 3 (three) months after issue. A visa may be issued by any Myanmar embassy abroad.

As the number of tourists traveling to Myanmar has increased sharply, it takes longer than before to apply for Myanmar visa. Make sure to give the embassy enough time to finish your visa. There are two types of tourist visa: FIT (Foreign Independent Traveler) and group visa. In special cases (e.g. if there is no Myanmar Embassy on your continent) we can arrange a ‘Visa on Arrival’ which is issued at entry into Myanmar. But we really do this only in exceptional cases! And be prepared that this is much more complicated than the regular visa. Regulations for this type of visa are changing constantly.

The price is around US$ 30.- for a Tourist Visa (depending on the country, and the duration of stay permitted is 28 days, not renewable). Business Visa (duration of stay permitted 70 days, renewable) cost around US$ 40.- but for this an invitation from a Myanmar company is necessary.

In former times the only place to enter the country was Yangon Airport. Until today, most of the visitors arrive at Yangon by air. Nowadays it is possible to enter the country via Manda-lay and Naypyidaw (new capital) airports, too. Recently some Burmese cities along the Thai border have been opened for overland entry – and it is possible, to continue from there to the Myanmar mainland (e.g. via Mae Sot/Myawaddy). There is even a bus running from Bangkok to Yangon along this route, for details pls. check the net.  Another entry point is Mae Sai/Tachileik. Here  foreigners may cross into Myanmar and continue overland to Tachileik/Kyaingtong (Kengtung). However, from there they are not allowed to continue overland but have to take an airplane to reach other destinations in Myanmar. The same is true for Ranong/Kawthaung: from here the traveler can continue by plane to other destina-tions in the country. Those who enter the country at Three Pagodas pass are not allowed to continue further at the moment.

It is also possible to enter Myanmar from various points in China such as Ruili/Muse or Mengla. Of course this requires a permit - our company can help you to get the necessary documents even though this may take some time. Generally spoken, the Myanmar govern-ment is eager to attract more tourists and might open additional crossing points in the near future. Generally, we’d advise our clients in any case to check the newest regulations before trying to enter Myanmar as things can change quickly…

Foreign exchange not exceeding the equivalent of US$ 10,000.- (ten thousand US $) may be imported to Myanmar without declaration. Any foreign currencies exceeding this amount must be declared as well as gemstones, jewelry, gold, electrical appliances and video cameras. As mentioned before, you may bring your mobile phones into Myanmar even though it is not always easy to get a SIM-card. Maybe this will change when the two new mobile phone operators have established their service. Every visitor may import two liters of alcoholic beverage and two cartons of cigarettes free of charge.

Antiques and objects of archaeological value exceeding a certain age may not be exported. Gold, silver and jewelry may only be exported if acquired in a store licensed by the government.

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