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Our company puts special emphasis on guide training, environment protection and social activities. Let us explain our company’s philosophy.

We consider our local guides to be the most important contact for our clients, as we believe that the value of a well-trained local guide can hardly be overestimated. We train our local guides regularly in order to enable them to understand the needs and peculiar characters of foreign guests.

At present the job of a tour guide is one of the most sought-after in the country. Tour guides can earn a teacher’s monthly salary or more in one day! It is true that the tourist season lasts only six months; but even then, the job of a tour guide remains to be a very attractive one.

This fact has led to a veritable 'run' on this profession. To obtain the much desired licence the aspirants have to attend a guide training course organized by the State Tourism Board. A good command of English is a basic requirement; knowledge of additional languages improves the guide's prospects of earning money.

In this training the emphasis is definitely put on theory while the acquirement of practical skills is mostly left to chance or to the personal efforts of the would-be tour guides. Many participants do not intend to work as tour guides at all but obviously expect other advantages.

The guides' command of English is usually satisfactory. However, many tour guides lack practice in 'exotic languages' like German, French or Italian. Most of the tour guides have studied those languages at the University of Foreign Languages (UFL); however, there the emphasis is mostly on grammar and theory, not fluency of speech.

The guide training lacks practical exercises. Of course there are a number of experienced guides with many years of practice, but the newcomers don’t have sufficient opportunities to improve their practical skills. I have more than two decades of practical guiding experience throughout Myanmar and adjoining countries and it is a pleasure for me to share my experience with young colleagues during training sessions. Together we practice basics like check-ins, customer contacts, services, lecturing, etc. The results have been rather satisfactory, as the participants achieve good results in the course of only one week.

For more info about our environmental and social activities please have a look at our respective pages!

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