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Our goals

We seek a form of tourism that treats the natural resources of the country - and its people - with care.

Außerhalb der Großstädte gehören Ochsenkarren zu den gebräuchlichen Transportmitteln.Out of the cities ox carts are common means of transport.

Who we are

The roots of Azure Sky Travels go back to the ‘Stone Age’ of Burmese tourism: In 2000 the German Dr. Axel Bruns together with a local partner founded the company Bo-Tree Travels in Yangon. In 2007 he separated from his former partner and since then the company bears the name still used today.

We are an ‘Inbound Tour Operator’, i.e. we organize tours for guests arriving from abroad. If desired, we’ll take care of your entire stay in the country, from arrival in Myanmar to departure. We are happy to book the flights and hotels as well as the land transport and also provide the tour guide. Of course, you can also book individual services (e.g. flights and cars). Our services are limited to Myanmar, the only exception being Bhutan. We have recently started to offer this destination because it is so wonderfully compatible with Myanmar.

As a rule, we do not sell international flights. If desired, however, we can organize such flights in the region, e.g. to Thailand or Laos.

The people in charge of our company are:

Dr. Axel Bruns, a Berliner by choice and geographer (Freie Universität Berlin), has held a firm grip on the business since the company was founded. 

He has lived in Myanmar for more than twenty-five years, and his first visit (as a backpacker) to Myanmar resp. Burma, which was still socialist at that time, dates back more than forty-five years. It inspired the (then still) young man so much that he could never get the country out of his head anymore. 

In 1986 he led his first private tour with German guests to Myanmar. Since then he has guided more than one hundred tours here. Private ones as well as tours for well known German travel agencies. He learned the national language, converted to Theravada Buddhism and wrote several books about the country, including the NELLES travel guide book Myanmar (together with Helmut Köllner). His particular passion is the country’s puppet theatre. He wrote three books about it, including his Ph. D. thesis (University of Hamburg). If you ask him what fascinates him so much about Myanmar, he will say: ‘Above all the people!’

Among them, his Burmese wife Daw Ei Ei Linn  is the foremost. She is the owner and the company’s soul. She has been working there for more than ten years and is responsible for the commercial side of the business. Together they have travelled half the world (see the photo taken near the Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Paro, Bhutan).

Our guides

Htet-Htet-Aung (1)

Htet Htet Aung

Guide-License-Nr.: G-7650
Start of activity: 2011
Knowledge of languages: German, English, Burmese
Favourite place in Myanmar: Kalaw, Southern Shan State
Why? It’s cooler there than in my hometown of Yangon. In the surroundings of the city one can visit many minorities or meet on the beautiful market of the city. Kalaw is very suitable as a starting point for trekking tours through the beautiful landscape to Inle Lake or to Pindaya.


Nay Moe Aung

Guide-License-Nr.: G-6859
Start of activity: 2005
Knowledge of languages: English, Burmese
Favourite place in Myanmar: Kalaw (Southern Shan State)
Why? The place is very peaceful and quiet. Nearby you can study the simple life of the tribes. Besides Kalaw is a good place to relax, especially during the hot season in Myanmar.


Aye Chan Tun

Guide-License-Nr.: G-5557
Start of activity: 2002
Knowledge of languages: English, Burmese
Favourite place in Myanmar: Bagan & Inle Lake
Why? For me, these two places represent a world of their own.


Nang Yee Wai Lwin

Guide-License-Nr.: G-9534
Star of activity: 2012
Knowledge of languages: English, Burmese
Favourite place in Myanmar: Bagan und Shan State
Why? Bagan for its ancient culture and pagodas. In Shan State I love nature and the diverse landscapes.


Kyaw Thu Ya Aung

Guide-License-Nr.: G-2662
Start of activity: 1999
Knowledge of languages: English, Burmese
Favourite place in Myanmar: Bagan
Why? I was born here and consider Bagan to be the most important archaeological site in Southeast Asia. Bagan has so many religious monuments that bear witness to historical events.


Ma Kay Zin Tun

Guide-License-Nr.: G-7125
Start of activity: 2011
Knowledge of languages: Englisch, Burmesisch
Favourite place in Myanmar: Bagan
Why? It is a quiet, peaceful place and at the same time enchanting place.


Shin Hnin Aye

Guide-License-Nr.: G-3113
Star of activity: 2002
Knowledge of languages: German, English, Burmese
Favourite place in Myanmar: Bagan
Why? Bagan is the cradle of Burmese culture – and my second home!



Guide-License-Nr.: G-1070
Start of activity: 1995
Knowledge of languages: English, Burmese
Favourite place in Myanmar: Mandalay
Why? Mandalay is known for its culture, as the centre of the Buddhist faith in the country and as a centre for crafts and fine arts.



Guide-License-Nr.: G-7693
Start of activity: 2012
Knowledge of languages: German, English, Burmese
Favourite place in Myanmar: Bagan!
Why? There are many stupas and pagodas there and I can explain their details, history and development to my guests.

Our local guides make an important contribution to the success of the trip. We offer our customers two variants: continuous tour guides (also in German!) or so-called station guides (only in English), who receive our customers at the respective destinations, guide them around and then put them back on the plane / bus / train to their next destination. It goes without saying that a continuous tour guide is more expensive than station guides.

Most of our guides have been with us for some time and have a lot of experience. Many of them have already been to Germany and have taken language courses there. We support these journeys to the best of our ability by helping to obtain visas, providing guarantees, etc. From time to time Dr. Axel Bruns organizes training courses for tour guides himself. His experience of more than 30 years as a tour guide in Myanmar has been summarized in a booklet called ‘How to be as good tour guide in Myanmar’. He distributes it free of charge to young colleagues and it is rather popular among them. With these guidelines he hopes to build a bridge between tour guides and their clients.

Our Brief Travel Guide

Download as PDF here:
Our Brief Travel Guide

More information about Myanmar on my website.


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