Entering Myanmar

Arriving in Mandalay

I arrived back in MDL yesterday after a 5-week-trip to Germany. No problems when I left Berlin on the 4. of July and entered Thailand the next day. But yesterday MAI (Myanmar Airways Int’l) asked for proof of vaccinations and an insurance certificate during check-in for Mandalay at Suvarnabhumi airport, Bangkok. My insurance certificate was on my smartphone and not accepted that way. I had to have it printed out at the airport police station (10 baht). Nice helpful people. When entering Mandalay, insurance and vaccination certificates were checked immediately after arrival. After immigration straight to the testing station. Nurses in hazmat suits. A stick was rammed into my nose. Ouch! An unpleasant waiting time followed: Am I maybe positive and do I have to go into quarantine? But I wasn’t worried. After all, I was ‘insured’ – with a Burmese insurance company. Only $50 to $75 for 14 days… Names were called out over loudspeakers. I wasn’t able to identify mine until the third call… Atmosphere like in an Orwellian movie… I was glad when I got my passport and was given permission to leave …

Regarding visa: the Myanmar embassy in Berlin informed me that they don’t issue tourist visa at the time being.  But tourist visa may be obtained online. Proof? Yesterday I met two Hungarian tourists who’ve got their tourist visa that way.  


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